Saturday, 15 May 2010

Toonz Micro Monsters

If you like GoGos Crazy Bones, then you're going to love Toonz Micro Monsters!

Have you ever walked on the street and felt that you were not alone? Or have you ever noticed something move on the ground, you could not really see what exactly, but something was there? Take a closer look next time - you have probably seen the Toonz - Micro Monsters. They are not big, but they are there! For ages these crazy, weird guys have been living in the streets – even on your street; battling, playing and just having fun. The Toonz are special. They have their own personality … and I really mean personalities, because Toonz can change faces, one second cute, the next ANGRY, one second funny, the next SCARY.

So mind your step, watch out for Toonz - Micro Monsters … They are here to play with you!!

Get yours here!

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